Planting of trees and shrubs

  “Alejas projekti” are one of the professional companies in Latvia that is specialized in tree planting.

The quality of the tree planting is very significant for its further growth. Trees are very sensitive when it comes to planting quality, so incorrect planting, such as planted too deeply, can cause the tree to dry out in the second year.

When planting a tree, the local environment and social impact on the plants need to be examined. For public landscaping we are using specially grown tree plants in the tree nurseries, with symmetrically shaped crowns and compact root system. Usually the trees are being planted when they are 3-4 m high, that is equivalent to the trunk circumference of 12-14 or 14-16, according to the landscaping architect specifications.

Shrub plants usually need the preparation of fertilized substrate plant beds 40-50 cm, after the shrubs have been planted, they need to be mulched with the skin of the mulch or wood chips.

The benefits of the big size plants are:

  • significantly reduces damages of vandalism in the planting
  • immediately landscape appears with big tree composition (saved time 5-15 years)
  • trees immediately are fulfilling their purpose, by providing shadow, serve as air purifiers, dust and noise isolator
  • the trees develop safer and symmetrical crowns thus saving costs for the crown maintenance services

Rules of planting the trees:

  • choose good quality materials for preparing the soil bed, ensure 0,7-1 m3 substrate (not only the proportion of the nutrition is important, but also the size of the particles of the pores)
  • trunk supports (wooden or metal, anchoring of the root ball)
  • watering tubes that provides water flow to the roots
  • gas exchange tubes (roadside plantings, in the places of compacted soil)
  • trunk bandage - reduces the risk of burning the skin of the tree, balancing the temperature (depending on the tree type and planting place) protecting from mechanical damage
  • the root barriers (used only in city planting in case of the heavy pedestrian load)
  • mulched soil (reduces the weed growth and increases the moist in the soil)
  • the removal of the broken tree branches caused by transporting or planting.

The crown shaping is being done only after a year of planting the tree.

It's good to remember that the majority of the big size tree plants aren't available in the tree nurseries of Latvia, they are being brought from European tree nurseries. The tree plants suitable for Latvian climate are brought from Poland and Germany. “Alejas projekti” LLC is cooperating with the biggest tree nurseries in Latvia, Poland and Germany thus providing a wide range of types and perfect plant quality:

Our company specialists will evaluate your chosen plants and will give practical tips in the selection of trees or planting method, to ensure rational resource consumption and long durability of the plants.


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