About Us

About Us

Alejas projekti are one of the biggest companies in Latvia, with a wealth of experience, specialising in providing planting, care and landscaping services. ”From project to blooming garden”- which means offering the best project services for achieving and maintaining a blooming garden.

For us the concept of “garden” is any kind of landscape creation and maintenance. Maintenance of the garden ensures that it doesn't lose its concept within a time, with seasonal changes it can surprise us with different shapes and colours. You will be able to find strength in both work and pleasure, in the environment that we are going to create.

We are providing planting, care and landscaping services for private gardens as well as public facilities. The working team of “Alejas projekti” LLC consists of professional, experienced horticulturalists, landscapers and gardeners with a high sense of responsibility

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  Jelgava, Graudu iela 4a, LV 3001