Maintenance - private gardens

A well maintained garden is of high prestige for the building and its owner. Being busy with our daily lives we often don't have time nor professional skills when it comes to garden maintenance, so it is important to hire professional gardeners with experience and knowledge of plants, their life span and growing necessities.

The lawn is the basic element and green accessory of the garden, and it serves as a background for other plants and is suitable for having different kind of activities. In order to fulfil everyone’s desires, the lawn requires good maintenance: regular mowing, fertilization, soil loosening, verticulation, spraying, fixing and watering.

The crown and branch shaping of the trees and shrubs require regular inspection in order for them to grow strong and develop proportionally. The blooming of the majority of blooming trees and shrubs depends on the timing of the pruning. The secret of the long life of trees is pruning, crown shaping, fertilization, watering and spraying.

Flowers are colourful accents in the garden, we can enjoy their colours and scents from the early spring till late autumn, if the required maintenance work is being done such as weeding, replantation, fertilization, watering, old flower removal and cover up for the winter.

Our company provides regular maintenance services for private gardens in Jelgava, Riga and Jurmala. The owners of the private gardens highly appreciate our quality of the services, prices and discreetness.

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