Flower bed installation 

Flower beds are a beautiful nuance with their seasonal changing of colours and scents. Flowers in the planting beds can cheer us with their first blooms in March, when the first snowdrops, crocus, winter roses, asters, marigolds and vervains start to bloom in the frost.

The main advantage of the flower beds planting is that their shapes and the compositions can be changed fast, serving as a colourful accent.

Flower classification:

  • bulbous flowers ( crocus,tulips,narcissus, gladiolus, lilies, etc.)
  • one year flowers (asters, verbenas, marigolds, marygolds, etc.)
  • multiannual flowers (rock alyssum, stone crops, phloxes, dahlias, cannas indica, lavender, etc.)
  • grass plants (fescues, miscanthus, bent grass, etc.)
  • water plants (water roses, cluberbushes flowers, purva flower, etc.)

Each flower group has a different kind of requirement for selecting the soil bed location place and the preparation of the soil. Bulbous flowers, some water plants and perennial wintergreens need to have special care of their bulbous, tuber and to the parts of the plant requiring preservation during the winter time, such as cannas indica, gladiolus and dahlias. It is good to remember that not all the flowers have to be planted in spring, for example, some bulbous flowers are buried during the last summer, then prepared carefully, they are planted in autumn, so that in spring we can have colourful fields of tulips and scenting hyacinths.

Even though there are so many different flower types with different kind of requirements for soil preparation, usually flower beds require 30-40 cm, fertilization and loose substratum. For the flowers to bloom colourfully, the flower bed requires basic fertilization. Flower beds are mulched with peat or small mulch.

The achievement of our gardeners can be seen at the shopping malls of Alfa and Spice every year, where spring flowers are being replaced with colourful summer flower compositions.

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