Lawn installation

The soil for lawn installation has to be 25 cm thick. It doesn't always require extra black soil 25 of cm, the existing soil composition has to be examined, for its suitability for lawn seeding. For example, flower meadows may require extra soil cultivation, to reduce the nourishment structure.

Planting of trees and shrubs

“Alejas projekti” are one of the professional companies in Latvia, specialized in tree planting. The planting quality of the lignear plants are very important for the further growth of the trees and shrubs. Trees are very sensitive, when it comes to planting, so incorrect tree planting, for example, if planted too deeply this can cause trees to dry out in the second year.

Flower bed installation

Flower beds are a beautiful feature with their seasonal changing of colours and scents. Flower beds can cheer us with their first blooms in March, when the first snowdrops, crocs, winter roses, asters, marigolds and vervains start to bloom in the frost.tenēm un verbenām.