Garden care

Maintenance - public space

Public/industrial facility maintenance: “Alejas projekti” LLC has been doing maintenance work for the public authorities for years. We provide maintenance services for: Victory park (Jelgava), shopping mall “ALFA”, “SPICE” (Riga), “ELVI” shop(Jelgava), shopping mall “VALDEKA” (Jelgava) and others.

Maintenance - trees and shrubs

The shaping of the shrub crown is one of the seasonal maintenance duties, restoring trimming of the tree that is one every year. The Japanese spiraea, rock roses and other shrubs, which flowers are developing on the one year sprouts, the pruning and shaping of the crown is required.

Maintenance - private gardens

A well maintained garden adds high prestige to the building and its owner. Being busy with our lives we often don't have time nor professional skills when it comes to garden maintenance so it is important to hire professional gardeners with experience and knowledge of the plants and their needs.