Mulch can be ordered and purchased at the company (repacked pine skin mulch in 3 sizes):

  • small 0- 20 mm;
  • average 6- 40 mm;
  • big >40 mm.

Organic and inorganic materials, that are used in covering the soil of the plants in private and city gardens in order to:

  • prevent weed growing,
  • reduce the need of herbicide consumption,
  • keep the moisture in the soil and to prevent its vaporization,
  • reduce soil temperature,
  • improve soil,
  • reduce the erosion,
  • promote plant growth and development,
  • improve landscaping of the city.

Organic skin mulch base consists of plant materials, that are suitable for shrub and winter resistant plant bed mulching, slowly disintegrating it gives the soil organic materials and increases fertility of the soil. Specialists suggest to use mulch around 5-7 cm thick layer. Smaller amount of mulch cannot prevent the weed growth and bigger amount will prevent the growth of the plants. The bigger sized mulch is used for planting trees and shrubs, smaller- for winter resistant plants.

Price ( 50l ) :

  • Small - 1,90 EUR
  • Average - 2,60 EUR
  • Big - 3,60 EUR

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