Decorative plants

Purchase of decorative plants

"Alejas projekti" LLC are collaborating with the biggest plant nurseries in Latvia and Europe. A big variety of decorative trees, shrubs and perennials for gardens and public plantings can be ordered and purchased at the company.

Contact person for orders:

Ingrīda Strazda

Phone: +371 29392947

Decorative trees and shrubs

After ordering in the company it is possible to purchase different leaf and conifer trees (pine, spruce, fillethell, fescue, roses, canes, spit, forsythia, abelies, tricks, marmosets, shovels, junipers, tujas, stones, oaks, apples, rods, pumpkins, hydrangeas, paddies, rhododendrons, hips, walnuts, maple, birch, hawthorn, linden, larch, etc.)

Fruit trees and berry bushes

Growing fruits in your garden is back in fashion! New fruit plant species give fruits in the first years after the planting, no need to wait for 5 years, for the harvest. Traditional fruit trees and berry shrubs can be ordered and purchased at the company (apple, pear, plum, cherry, blackberry, gooseberry, strawberry), rare berry shrubs- actinidia, vine, bergamot, edible honeysuckles, golden currants, high bush blueberries, cornel, sea buckthorn etc. 

Very beneficial are remontant fruit plant species, that can reproduce berries in autumn - raspberries and strawberries.


Hedges can be made of freely grown, perfectly clipped, evergreen or summer-green plants, using different types of trees (Thuja, mountain pines, hawthorns, cliffs, ligatures, fossils, grenades, hollows, linden trees, spitters, hawks, etc.). Hedge material can be ordered and purchased at the company.


A wide range of perennial flowers and grassy perennials can be ordered and purchased at the company (stones, ales, anemones, armerides, astelbs, oysters, birch buds, butterflies, brownies, blemishes, dolphins, dayroses, doronics, echinacea, floccas, nougat, bass, gypsum, heiress, helinensis , Hostas, Iberians, Irish, Cranberries, Bacon, Lavender, Ligluria, Carnation, Clam, Peppermint, Primrose, Clock, Silpurenes, Sarees, Sesléria, Thyrazel, Stripe, Vizzles, Goldsmiths, Ziemasteres, etc.).