In the city streets and parks big tree plants 3-5 m high are being planted, thus improving the landscape and reducing the consequences of the vandalism. The new trees are better planted in the new private housing areas, with no old trees. Planting the big tree plants, is very convenient, instead of waiting 5-10 years for tree plants to grow bigger, 3-5 m height stable tree crown with compact root system is grown in the tree nurseries. Good quality big tree plants are brought from Germany. Sapling species are absolutely winter resistant in the middle and western areas of Latvia. Big tree plants are delivered in root balls. Planting the saplings with root balls there is no need for untangling them, in a couple of years, burned wire sieve gets rusty and material disintegrates.

Plants that are not mentioned in the offer and must be ordered beforehand!

Hot offer:

  • Hollandes linden - Tilia vulgaris (Europe), the perimeter of the trunk 14-16 cm, H- 4 m(suitable for careful crown maintenance, for the city conditions).
  • Red maple - Acer rubrum, trunk perimeter 14-16 cm, H- 4m (in the autumn carmine red)
  • Red oak - Quercus rubra, trunk circumference 14-16 cm, H- 4-5 m (big tree, sharp waved leaps, in the autumn reddish brown)
  • Swedish rowan tree - Sobrus intermedia, trunk circumference 14-16 cm, H- 4-5m (average low height of tree 10-12 cm, colourful during the blooming and berry time, winter berries attracting birds)
  • Simple hornbeam - Carpinus betulus,trunk circumference 14-16 cm, H- 3.5-4m (big bush or small tree, leaves partly remains till February, shadow resistant, suitable for hedge and trimming).
  • Simple hornbeam - Fastigiata Carpinus betulus Fastigiata trunk circumference 6-8 cm, H- 3m (compact tree with narrow, column shaped, vertical crown, shadow resistant).
  • Simple horse chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum, trunk circumference 14-16cm, H- 4m (very beautiful during the blooming period, in the autumn leaves turn yellow, ground covered with prickly “hedgehogs”).
  • Black alder - Alnus glutinosa, trunk circumference 12-14 cm, H- 3-4m (big tree with dark green shiny leaves, suitable for moist areas, fast growing, shaping its own symmetrical crown).