Tree and shrub plants

Decorative trees and shrubs

Alejas projekti” LLC are collaborating with the biggest plant nurseries in Latvia and Europe. Our plant stores in Jelgava offers a big variety of decorative trees and shrubs for gardens and public plantings.

Fruit trees and berry fields

Growing fruits in your garden is back in fashion! New fruit plant species give fruits in the first years after the planting, no need to wait for 5 years, for the harvest. 

Our plant store in Jelgava offers traditional fruit trees and berry shrubs (apple, pear, plum, cherry, blackberry, gooseberry, strawberry), rare berry shrubs- actinidia, vine, bergamot, edible honeysuckles, golden currants, high bush blueberries, cornel, sea buckthorn etc. 

Very beneficial are remontant fruit plant species, that can reproduce berries- raspberries and strawberries.

Fruit trees and berry fields

The team workers of “Alejas projekti” for 2016 year season suggest: 

Apple trees (half dwarf)

  • Lobo 
  • Auxis 
  • Bogatir 
  • Sugar 
  • Nichnera strawberry 
  • Telisare 
  • Rubine 
  • Agra 
  • Major sweet 
  • Rose of Riga 
  • Melba


  • Mramornaya
  • Belorusko pozdnaja
  • Duhmyanmaya
  • Kurzeme’s butter
  • Moskovskaya
  • Peppy
  • Souvenir 
  • The beauty of Talsi
  • Vasarine sviestine


  • Ave 
  • Duke of Edinburgh 
  • Stenly 
  • Victoria 
  • Comet 
  • Yubileynaya 
  • Ulenas renklode

Cherry (sweet, self pollinic)

  • Aya 
  • Branyskaya 
  • Drogan yellow 
  • Meelika 
  • Krupnoplodnaya 
  • Balsam 
  • Lapins 
  • Rubin

Cherry (sour, low)

  • Latvian low 
  • Desertnaya morozavaya 
  • Tamaris * Shocoladnica



Our plant stores in Jelgava offers also materials for hedges.

- Thuja

- Mountain pines 

- Hawthorn

- Cotoneaster 

- Grimonis

- Linden 

- Hornbeam 

The materials for the hedge must be ordered beforehand at the plant store!